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Internet applications today fulfill a large number of business transactions through multiple channels (such as web and mobile) across heterogeneous environments. Any performance limitations over the application delivery pipeline will impact revenue and costs. Therefore, investment in application management service solutions for performance management is mandatory to ensure that expected ROI from any application is achieved.

These solutions must be able to perform functions such as performance monitoring, testing, and analysis. For example, in the case of Java application performance, solutions should fulfill tasks such as Java monitor work and Java performance analysis. Since application performance is also dependent on the performance of the systems that applications run on, application management service solutions should also perform systems monitoring. For example, for applications running on Linux servers, the solutions should perform Linux server monitoring. And, for measuring and testing applications to determine their behavior at baseline and peak loads, application management service solutions should include load testing tool functions.

application management dashboard

application monitoring dashboard

Market-Leading application management service solutions from Dynatrace

Many vendors in the application performance monitoring and management space offer piecemeal and fragmented solutions. As an industry-leading APM vendor, Dynatrace provides a full suite of application performance management and monitoring solutions to enable an end-to-end application management service for application performance. Dynatrace’s is an all-in-one comprehensive APM solution:

Improve ROI using Dynatrace application management service for the data center

In addition to application and user-centric solutions, Dynatrace also offers a data center solution for monitoring the performance of enterprise application and infrastructure tiers in the data center. Dynatrace Data Center RUM automatically detects infrastructure components in the data center including network elements, servers, and databases. It performs transactional performance monitoring across a wide range of databases, middleware, and infrastructure services. When deployed and used with Dynatrace Application Monitoring, the combined solution enables a complete application-centric and network-centric application management service for performance monitoring and management.

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