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Application performance monitoring is a critical practice in any DevOps team. Without it, DevOps cannot anticipate and prepare for performance issues when applications go into production. Minimizing the impact of performance problems on user experience maximizes the ROI on applications. To be effective, app performance monitoring must use application performance monitor tools that can provide the breadth and depth needed to monitor the entire application delivery chain. Full visibility is required to eliminate any blind spots that may adversely affect performance monitoring and root cause analysis.

Dynatrace is the market-leader in app performance monitoring tools and solutions. It offers a comprehensive suite of APM solutions for application insight, user insight, and app-aware network insight into application performance. Dynatrace tools work with a wide array of technologies to enable Java performance monitoring and .NET application performance monitoring for modern web applications, Citrix monitoring for enterprise applications, Linux performance monitoring for Linux server clusters, and more.

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Achieve 360° performance visibility with Dynatrace app performance monitoring

Using Dynatrace to monitor application performance allows performance issues to be easily discovered and remedied. Dynatrace’s APM solutions enable discovery of problems by providing insights into application performance from varying perspectives:

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End-to-End transaction monitoring with Dynatrace app performance monitoring

To enable monitoring through the entire application delivery chain, Dynatrace performs end-to-end transaction monitoring using patented PurePath Technology®. PurePath traces all transaction activity from user interaction through application and middleware tiers to backend databases and other infrastructure tiers including tiers in virtual and cloud environments. It captures and correlates details of all transactions and allows drilling-down to the method level to visually show method arguments and values as well as SQL statements. PurePath is ideal for app performance monitoring of distributed applications and is especially suited for monitoring .NET and Java application performance.

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