Memory leak detection tools

Application performance is influenced by many factors, one of which is memory consumption. Uncontrolled memory consumption can be caused by memory leaks generated by application code and can be identified by memory leak detection tools. Using these tools allow you to detect code that does not allocate and release memory correctly resulting in slow application and system performance.

Memory leak detection tools are available in the market typically based on languages that applications are coded in. For example, Java memory leak detection tools are available for applications written in Java. Memory leaks can also be detected by profiling tools such as .NET profiler tools for applications running in the .NET framework. Profiling tools additionally provide runtime usage information for other resources like CPU usage. This information can help you to optimize resource usage with the goal of increasing application performance.

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Use Dynatrace memory leak detection tools to find memory leaks

Eliminating memory leak problems in applications can yield valuable performance gains. This leads to greater customer satisfaction, less customer churn, and increased business transaction fulfillment. One of the best ways to eliminate memory leaks is by using tools from Dynatrace, the leader in the APM solution market. Dynatrace provides memory leak detection tools with its comprehensive APM solutions. With Dynatrace, you can perform end-to-end transaction monitoring across multiple tiers of your applications. Dynatrace Java and .NET profiler tools allow you to obtain resource consumption data down to the object level. Through Dynatrace hotspot view, you can see the heap sizes of individual objects at runtime enabling you to find objects that are not using memory efficiently. You can also use Dynatrace memory leak detection tools to perform a trending dump of memory usage. This highlights the objects that increase memory consumption continuously over time which may indicate memory leaks caused by expired objects that have not been deallocated from memory correctly.

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Dynatrace memory leak detection tools helps you to optimize your code

Once you have identified possible memory leak sources using Dynatrace memory leak detection tools, you can use Dynatrace performance monitoring capabilities such as .NET performance tools to get additional performance data for your applications. With these Dynatrace platform capabilities you can pinpoint the root causes of web and mobile application performance issues through all tiers, from application front-end to application code, to cloud services, to infrastructure components including databases and networks.

Problematic code that causes memory leaks or other performance degradations can be isolated quickly and easily with Dynatrace. For example, with a Java application, you can use Dynatrace’s Java monitor tools to identify Java methods that execute slowly. Additionally, Dynatrace’s Java memory leak tools bring attention to Java objects that may be causing memory leaks.

All these capabilities and more are part of the Dynatrace unified digital performance management platform, available as a cloud service or as an on-premise system.

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