IaaS, PaaS and Saas—All Cloud, All different

Chapter: Virtualization and Cloud Performance

As mentioned in the preceding section, the importance of applications in a virtualized environment has brought about three major trends in cloud computing:

Virtualization, as well as the three cloud platforms discussed, have a major impact on the discipline of application performance management (APM).

Cloud computing-performance management is not only a big technical challenge, but in my mind, a real game changer, as well. By making infrastructure a throwaway commodity, focus is shifted to the application by default. At the same time, you are losing a little bit of control and, in the case of a public cloud, visibility, making your application and operation more dependent on third parties.

PaaS and SaaS go one step further and outsource parts of the application itself, putting ever more focus on our core business and core application while depending even more on third-party black-box services. Therefore, APM comes into its own in the cloud. In the next section we’ll look at the implications of virtualization on performance management.

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Chapter: Application Performance Concepts

Differentiating Performance from Scalability

Calculating Performance Data

Collecting Performance Data

Collecting and Analyzing Execution Time Data

Visualizing Performance Data

Controlling Measurement Overhead

Theory Behind Performance

How Humans Perceive Performance

Chapter: Memory Management

How Garbage Collection Works

The Impact of Garbage Collection on application performance

Reducing Garbage Collection Pause time

Making Garbage Collection faster

Not all JVMS are created equal

Analyzing the Performance impact of Memory Utilization and Garbage Collection


GC Configuration Problems

The different kinds of Java memory leaks and how to analyse them

High Memory utilization and their root causes

Classloader releated memory issues

Out-Of-Memory, Churn Rate and more

Chapter: Performance Engineering

Approaching Performance Engineering Afresh

Agile Principles for Performance Evaluation

Employing Dynamic Architecture Validation

Performance in Continuous Integration

Enforcing Development Best Practices

Load Testing—Essential and Not Difficult!

Load Testing in the Era of Web 2.0

Chapter: Virtualization and Cloud Performance

Introduction to Performance Monitoring in virtualized and Cloud Environments

IaaS, PaaS and Saas – All Cloud, All different

Virtualization’s Impact on Performance Management

Monitoring Applications in Virtualized Environments

Monitoring and Understanding Application Performance in The Cloud

Performance Analysis and Resolution of Cloud Applications

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