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With the ubiquitous deployment of Java applications in enterprises today, ensuring that these applications perform well can be a challenge. You can use Java performance tools to validate that your Java applications perform and scale as designed to provide your users and customers with a positive user experience. Java performance testing tools allow you to monitor and analyze the performance of your applications during development, testing, and production.

Dynatrace, the market leader in APM solutions, offers turnkey Java performance tools. Dynatrace’s solutions enable you to monitor and optimize the performance of your Java applications through the entire application stack, including databases and cloud services. Monitoring Java applications using Dynatrace provides insights into how each individual component contributes to overall application performance in real-time. Data collected can be used to identify any performance issues and pinpoint the root cause of each issue. Java app monitoring using Dynatrace eases performance troubleshooting greatly and permits you to deliver high performance Java web, mobile, and hybrid apps consistently.

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Dynatrace Java performance tools discover memory leaks

One of the more difficult performance problems to troubleshoot is memory leaks. Because memory leaks can be caused by a multitude of factors at the code level, finding the cause of each leak can involve a high degree of investigative effort. Nevertheless, with Dynatrace’s Java performance tools, you can easily detect and isolate each memory leak. This set of tools include Java memory leak detection tools that monitor the memory consumption trend of each Java object over time and presents this data to you visually. From this visual presentation, you can analyze the number of instances per class and the memory used by each object in your Java application over time. If the memory usage trend of an object continues growing over time, a memory leak is the likely culprit.

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Dynatrace Java performance tools monitor end-to-end performance

As the leading APM solution in the market, Dynatrace offers the best APM monitoring tools for you to enhance the performance of your multi-tier Java applications. Dynatrace’s Java performance tools incorporate patented PurePath Technology® that enables you to trace the performance of each application transaction end-to-end, from application front-end to application middle tier to the infrastructure tier. PurePath traces each transaction down to the method and database statement levels. No gap or blind spot is left uncovered when you use Dynatrace for monitoring applications, and you can see the response times of each method and database call. Using Dynatrace’s Java performance tools, you can then analyze these response times to find hotspots and bottlenecks in your application stack, and drill down to root causes of performance problems.

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