Oracle database monitoring

App centric Oracle Database performance monitoring.

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    No configuration overhead—Dynatrace automatically detects and monitors your Oracle databases.

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    Detailed usage characteristics make configuration easy.

  • Get detailed metrics for each Oracle statement

    Tune Oracle database performance where it matters most, at the statement level.

What is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is an object-relational database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. The database is marketed in several editions and supports various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Dynatrace monitors and analyzes the activity of your Oracle Database services across all platforms, providing visibility down to individual database statements.

Easily optimize Oracle database performance

When it comes to analyzing the behavior of Oracle databases, baselining is the approach of choice. By comparing current performance to historical metrics, Dynatrace recognizes when performance is under par. This approach provides you with continuous insights and detailed root-cause analysis when problems occur.

Dynatrace categorizes all activities running on your Oracle instances, providing you with full insight into how your databases are really used. Dynatrace database-service views provide all the metrics you need to set up high-performance database services.

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Dynatrace was instantly providing the most value for our daily business, without any setup or configuration hassle. It helps us to get to the root cause of an issue much faster than before.

Analyze Oracle performance metrics of each statement

Dynatrace monitors Oracle Database metrics from your application’s perspective. Because identifying individual non-performing database statements can be time-consuming, Dynatrace automatically identifies expensive database statements (e.g., those that read a lot of data). This approach is ideal for all Oracle Database solutions. A complete list of database statements that includes key metrics like response times and numbers of rows is the most valuable information any DevOps team could ask for when optimizing Oracle Database performance. Take a deep-dive into your database performance.

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