Varnish Cache monitoring

Monitor the performance of your Varnish setup.

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Varnish Cache monitoring screenshot
Varnish Cache monitoring screenshot

Monitor your Varnish Cache performance

With Dynatrace you system performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more). When problems are detected, the Dynatrace anomaly-detection engine correlates host and network metrics with web-server specific metrics to identify the root causes.

Dynatrace shows you all relevant information in an interactive infographic.

See Varnish-specific metrics

With a Python script, advanced metrics from Varnish Cache servers are available. Dynatrace shows you:

  • Cache performance
  • Backend metrics
  • Client metrics
  • Thread metrics

See the Monitor Varnish Cache Guide to learn how to integrate Varnish Cache metrics into your Dynatrace environment.

System performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more) are also available.

What is Varnish?

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites as well as heavily consumed APIs.

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