Varnish Cache monitoring

Monitor the performance of your Varnish setup.

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Monitor your Varnish Cache performance

With Dynatrace you get deep-level visibility into each of your web server process groups, including dependent applications and running services. When problems are detected, the Dynatrace anomaly-detection engine correlates host and network metrics with web-server specific metrics, busy workers, response sizes, and number of requests, to identify the root causes.

Dynatrace shows you all relevant information in an interactive infographic. Meta information like application version, configuration path, and used ports are included. See availability metrics and events like deployment changes and Varnish restarts.

See Varnish-specific metrics (without plugins!)

Just install the Dynatrace Agent to see the metrics you need. For Varnish, Dynatrace shows you:

  • Cache performance
  • Backend metrics
  • Client metrics
  • Thread metrics

System performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more) are also available.

You get details about network traffic, TCP requests, and connectivity, along with quality metrics like retransmissions, round-trip time, and throughput.

See the cache performance with all hits, passes and misses.

Analyze response time hotspots down to the module level

With deep process monitoring enabled, Dynatrace analyzes the response time of each Varnish service running within each process. Each service page enables you to analyze response time hotspots so that you can see what activities are consuming the most time for each service.

On the Response time analysis page you see the average response time observed during the analyzed time frame.

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Auto-detect your application environment and performance anomalies!

Dynatrace full stack monitoring extends web server monitoring beyond basic status metrics. With a single agent installed on your server, Dynatrace auto-detects all Varnish setups in your application environment. See the full picture of your application topology and identify dependencies between tiers in your application stack.

CPU saturation slowing down your database, your services, and your website? You'll receive a single notification that addresses the root cause of the problem, not multiple alerts for you to sort through and analyze. Using artificial intelligence, Dynatrace detects performance anomalies before they affect customer experience.

Visualize Varnish service requests end-to-end

Dynatrace understands your applications’ transactions from end-to-end. Service flow shows the actual execution of each individual service and service-request type. While Smartscape shows you your overall environment topology, service flow provides you with the view point of a single service or service-request type.

Get service-level insights of requests to Varnish with Service flow.

Monitor real user performance without code changes

Dynatrace real user monitoring (RUM) collects metrics from your customers' web browsers and correlates it with server-side information obtained from Dynatrace Agent. Web browser data is collected by a JavaScript tag that is placed inside the HTML of your applications' web pages.

Dynatrace Agent JavaScript tag injection is performed automatically during installation. All you need to do to initiate injection is to restart your Varnish processes following Dynatrace Agent installation. Dynatrace Agent identifies HTML content responses and automatically injects a small JavaScript tag into the head section of each page.

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring:

  • Analyze response times and resolve JavaScript issues by seeing your website as your customers do!
  • Monitor the availability and performance of your web applications by recording synthetic monitoring using a simple point-and-click interface.

Analyze user behavior and optimize the experience of your customers easily.

What is Varnish?

Varnish is an HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic web sites as well as heavily consumed APIs.

Visit our Community page to learn more about how Dynatrace monitors and analyzes the activity of your Varnish setup, providing visibility down to individual database statements.

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