Memcached monitoring

Monitor your Memcached server performance.

  • All the Memcached performance metrics you need

    Dynatrace monitors the 10 most critical Memcached metrics including cache usage, number of connections, hits, misses, and more. See the full list of Memcached metrics.

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring

    No configuration required. Just turn on Memcached monitoring. Dynatrace automatically detects your Memcached servers on all monitored hosts.

  • Full stack monitoring

    Dynatrace provides full stack monitoring of web applications down to the host and process levels. Monitor applications, services, processes, and hosts—all with a single tool.

What is Memcached?

Memcached is an open source, high-performance distributed memory object caching system. Though generic in nature, Memcached is designed to speed up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Memcached is an in-memory key-value store for small chunks of data (for example, strings and objects) that are utilized in database calls, API calls, and page renderings.

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We’re intrigued by its capability to work almost out of the box as well as being able to monitor system aspects as well as application performance and user experience.
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Optimize Memcached performance with specific metrics

Dynatrace Memcached monitoring provides insights into your distributed memory-object caching system, delivering the metrics you need to see:

  • Cache usage
  • Number of connections
  • Hits and misses
  • ...and more

System performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more) are available on the System performance tab. See the full list of Memcached metrics.

Artificial intelligence accelerates problem resolution

Dynatrace provides full stack web-application monitoring down to the host level. Problems are identified using Dynatrace artificial intelligence.

Dynatrace smartscape technology visualizes all the dependencies between your applications, services, processes, and more.

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