Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Dynatrace Synthetic Classic Platform 2018.04.17 release notes

Release date April 17, 2018

This release features enhancements to the Software Private Agent, and resolved issues.

What's new in the Software Private Agent?

Improved installation support

Software Private Agent v2 removes the requirement of a D: drive for installation, and allows you to choose the drive and folder for installing SPA.

Improved proxy support

In complex environments, different proxies may be required for installation, platform access, and script execution. SPA v2 allows you to define different proxies for SPA installation and communication with the Dynatrace platform, and for script execution. Script execution uses the automatic proxy configuration settings.

New micro sized SPA

The micro sized SPA is intended for remote or desktop-based deployment. The requirements are two core CPUs and 8 GB of memory, similar to most laptop configurations. The micro installation is supported on Windows 10. It does not install a RAM drive, so it can be installed on a single drive.

A micro installation can run two parallel tests, so you can run up to 150 tests per hour, assuming 30 seconds for test execution time.

Removal of RAM drive for smaller installations

Analysis of usage and performance shows that the R: RAM drive is not required for micro and small SPA installations. An R: drive will still be created and used by medium or large installations. See the system requirements for information on reserving memory for VM installations. This makes the installation of small instances faster and easier and more suitable for cloud deployment.

Updated Communication Library

We have upgraded the SPA communication library and disabled the certificate revocation list (CRL) checking to prevent SPA from requiring HTTP port 80 access in some environments. This should allow all customers to use SPA in an SSL-only environment. No configuration is required to activate this enhancement.

Supported Windows versions

Software Private Agent v2 is supported on Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016 (base and higher editions, not Nano).

Windows 10 is supported for SPA micro instances. We don't recommend using Windows 10 for high-performance, high-availability medium and large installations of SPA.

Portal change

Waterfall chart

As of this release, the Post graph feature in the waterfall chart only supports native URLs. The shortened URL for sharing the chart is no longer available.

Resolved issues

These issues have been resolved in this release:

Key Description
PORTAL-7881 Test search included inactive tests although Show inactive tests option was disabled.
SMRP-5030 Screen Capture on Error stopped working for Software Private Agent.
SMRP-5069 Security scanning crashed the Dynatrace Common Agent service.

Technical notes and known issues

While this release has been tested extensively to ensure that it works with all supported platforms and technologies, certain issues cannot be addressed from the product side. See the technical notes and known issues page for supported environments, significant technical details, and product limitations. Refer to our knowledge base for tips and workarounds.

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