Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Dynatrace Synthetic Platform 2017.11 maintenance release notes

November 2017 maintenance releases have included these Portal enhancements.

Release 2017.11.14

Test management

The redesigned Tests page simplifies the workflow for creating and managing tests and batch orders.

Enhanced time frame selection

In the Operational summary, custom dashboards, and drilldown analysis pages, you can now view data for time periods shorter than one hour, down to the last 5 minutes.

Note, however, that the 36-hour time frame is no longer available.

Release 2017.11.01

Screen capture page

When you select to view screen captures for a test, the Screen capture page now opens as a breadcrumb in the Dynatrace Portal's browser tab, instead of opening into a separate browser tab.

Technical notes and known issues

While this release has been tested extensively to ensure that it works with all supported platforms and technologies, certain issues cannot be addressed from the product side. See the technical notes and known issues page for supported environments, significant technical details, and product limitations. Refer to our knowledge base for tips and workarounds.

News from the Dynatrace Community

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Check out the Synthetic Classic training modules available from Dynatrace University. Look for the series about monitoring best practices as well as other recently recorded training courses that will show you how to become more productive with Synthetic Classic.