Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Recorder script types

The Windows Recorder can create scripts for testing websites in desktop browsers, mobile websites, and native applications running on mobile devices.

Desktop browser scripts

Desktop browser scripts emulate the way a user navigates the target website in a desktop browser.

The Windows Recorder uses its own version of Firefox to record desktop browser scripts. You can select the IE agent, Firefox agent, or Chrome agent for playback.

For more information, see Creating browser scripts and Desktop browser scripts.

Mobile web scripts

Mobile web scripts capture how websites perform when accessed through mobile devices. When you configure a mobile script, you select the model of smartphone or tablet you want to emulate. The Mobile Recorder matches the screen size and resolution of the selected device, and provides actions for using a mobile device, such as Tap and Rotate.

Only the Mobile agent can be used to record and play back Mobile Device scripts.

For more information, see Creating mobile device scripts and Mobile web scripts.

Native application scripts

Native application scripts emulate using an application on a mobile device. Unlike desktop or mobile browser scripts, a native application script does not capture the app activity in individual actions such as tapping or swiping. You use HTTP actions to organize the app activity into steps to analyze the performance of each action the app performs.

A native application script uses the API calls and HTTP requests for user activities in the app. You construct the script manually, using the New Script command. See Creating scripts for native mobile applications and Using the New Script Command for details.

The Recorder opens a Chrome window when you play back a native application script, but does not display the recorded actions. The playback results include performance data, host details, and step details, but no screenshots are available.

For more information, see Mobile native application scripts.