Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Playing back a mobile native application script

Immediately after you record a script, play it back so you can confirm that it recorded correctly.

Before you begin

Before playing the script, you may need to delete the cookies captured during recording. Often the cookies captured during recording are no longer valid during playback and may prevent the script from completing successfully. For more information, see Managing cookies.

The script plays back in an empty Chromium browser window and does not display the actions. By default, all new mobile native application scripts run on the Mobile agent.

Click PLAY Play button to begin playback.

The PLAY button changes to STOP Stop button while the script plays.

A Chrome window opens; however, it does not display the actions you recorded.

When the script is finished, the popup window closes and the playback results are displayed in the Recorder window.

Play back results

What to do next

Next, review the playback results to make sure the script ran correctly. For more information, see Native application script playback results.

After you have verified the script works properly, upload it to the Synthetic Classic Portal.