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Browser support for the Synthetic Classic Portal

Supported browsers for displaying the portal

The Synthetic Classic Portal is supported on:

  • Google Chrome – The two most recent versions.
  • Internet Explorer – The two most recent versions.
  • Firefox – Standard version 50 or later.

Browser requirements

Internet Explorer 10 or 11 on Windows 8

In Internet Explorer 10 or 11 running on Windows 8, some Portal functions do not work correctly when IE's Protected Mode is enabled. The recommended solution is to turn off Protected Mode for trusted websites.

  1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options.
  2. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the Security tab.
  3. Select Trusted sites.
  4. Clear the check box for Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer).
  5. Restart your IE browser.

Internet Explorer and Firefox: Enable page caching

The Synthetic Classic Portal performs better if page caching is enabled in your browser.