Time to upgrade! You only have until October 31, 2019 to move to Dynatrace, our all-in-one software intelligence platform. For details, see the Synthetic Upgrade Center and Dynatrace Synthetic documentation.

Dynatrace Synthetic Mobile app

The Dynatrace Synthetic Mobile app is the perfect to companion to the Synthetic Classic Portal. It provides a simple and quick way to access your synthetic monitoring data anywhere, any time.

On the job but out of the office? You can receive alert notifications through the Synthetic Mobile app, drill down to view the alert, and share alert details via email or text message.

While the Synthetic Classic Portal provides detailed data for monitoring, root cause analysis, and reporting, the app gives you just what you need to keep your sites and services running smoothly. The app displays key indicators for availability and performance for tests in the Performance dashboards that you select, as well as a trend graph, test details, alerts, errors, nodes, hosts, and step-level data.

In the summary page, you can filter the tests by severity and select the timeframe for the performance and availability data. You can drill down into a test to see the trend and a summary of the available data. From there, you can drill down further to review errors, node performance, information about groups and hosts, and alerts.

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Dynatrace Synthetic Mobile app to your iOS or Android mobile device.