Adding users

Users that have the Account Primary profile have the ability to provide access to the portal by adding other users to an account.

When adding a user, you must select profile(s) for that user. Profiles determine the features and menus a user can view in the Portal.

  1. Click  > User management. The User management page appears.

  2. Click Add User. The Add User page appears.

  3. Complete the fields on this page:

    • First Name – Enter the user's first name.

    • Last Name – Enter the user's last name.

    • Title – Enter the user's title.

    • Email address – Enter the user's email address.

    • Username – Enter the user's username for accessing the Portal.
      The username must not include spaces. It can include ASCII, ISO Latin, or Unicode letters, numbers, and the following symbols:

      • ampersand ( @ )
      • hyphen ( - )
      • underscore ( _ )
      • period ( . )
    • Access Profiles – Select the profile(s) for this user.

      1. Click Select Profile to open the Choose access profiles window.
      2. Select the profile(s), up to a maximum of three profiles for this user.
        Click None to clear all options.
      3. Click Select.
    • Default Language – Select the default language for the registration email and what appears when the user first accesses the Portal.
      The default language selected here only determines the language this user will see the first time that they access the portal and the language of their registration email.
      The user can change the language whenever they log in. The language they select when logging in will be the default language the next time they log in to the Portal.

    • Account Name – The account name is displayed automatically and cannot be changed.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save to add this user and return to the User management page.
    • Click Save and Add Another User to stay on this page and add another user.
    • Click Cancel to return to the User management page.

New users created for an account that existed prior to October 2015 can use their Dynatrace Portal username to log in to the Dynatrace Classic Portal.

When you create users for an account established after October 2015, those users cannot log in to the Dynatrace Classic Portal.