This method returns all the active and inactive tests for Backbone, Last Mile, Private Peer, or mobile monitors for an account. A GetTestsRequest and a MonitorClass can be sent with the request to restrict the output.




Input (literal)

This message contains a single GetTestsExRequest defining a GetTestsRequest and a MonitorClass type.

Element Type Occurs Nillable? Description
SEQUENCE   1..1    
GetTestsRequest anyType (restriction) 1..1 No A GetTestsRequest element contains the credential data and filter data.
MonitorClass string 1..1 No The monitor class defined for retrieving the tests.

Output (literal)

This message contains a single GetTestsResponse defining one or more monitor order responses.

Element Type Occurs Nillable? Description
SEQUENCE   1..1    
ResponseStatus ResponseStatusType 1..1 No This element appears in most of the responses issued when the Test Management API operations are invoked.
ErrorMessage [type OperationResponseType] string 0..1 No The error message is provided if the ResponseStatus was FAILURE.
Monitors anyType (restriction) 1..1 No A Monitors element is a container of Monitor elements. It appears in a GetTests response and holds all the data that the query is expected to contain. It also appears in an UpdateTests request. There it contains all of the Monitor elements that are used to update the already provisioned tests.


This web method can return the monitor sites (populations) of Last Mile tests.


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""
    <soapenv:Header />


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""
        <GetTestsResponse xmlns="">
                <Monitor name="LM_OpenQA" agentType="NOT_SET" summaryFlag="Off"
                         frequencyInMins="40" ipVersion="IPv6_preferred"
                         monitorStatus="Active" monitorId="168900"
                         modifyDate="2010-01-06T01:29:57.22" scriptId="168900">
                        <MonitorSite siteId="89" />
                        <Step stepSeqNum="0">
                            <DisplayName />