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A collection of SubstitutionParameter elements—When a SubstitutionParameters collection appears as a child of a ParameterizedMonitor, it contains definitions of global substitution parameters (the values originally defined in the GSL script itself). When a SubstitutionParameters collection appears as a child of a MonitorSite element, it contains site-level Substitution Parameters (ones used only on a specific Backbone node where the monitor is deployed).

Derived by

Restricting anyType

Content model

Contains elements as defined in the following table:

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
SubstitutionParameter anyType (restriction) 0..* No A SubstitutionParameter element defines a name-value pair that may be referenced in a GSL script once or multiple times. Typically, a SubstitutionParameter is used to represent a username or a password. The Test Management API now provides a mechanism for updating SubstitutionParameter values whenever necessary. So if the username and password used in GSL script expires, it may be updated without the script having to be reloaded or redeployed.

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