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Get all test results for a span of time

To retrieve all test results for a given interval of time, send a GET request to the testresults resource with no <monitorId> included on the resource path. In the request parameters, specify the precise start and end time. You may specify any time range for which the server contains data (generally up to 45 days old), but each individual request is limited to a start/end period of 48 hours (2880 minutes). If your start and end parameters specify an interval of more than 48 hours you will receive an 400 status and an error message in the response body similar to the following:

Requested time range of  minutes is larger than maximum allowed of 2880 minutes.


While you can only retrieve up to 48 hours of data in a single call, you can send multiple requests to retrieve as much data as you like. For more information, see REST API Service Limits.

Sample request

Sample responses