Microservices and container monitoring

Real-time visibility into dynamic environments

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Microservices are coming – are you ready?


of companies currently are using or planning on microservices


of CIOs think that performance monitoring is a top challenge of managing microservice environment


of CIOs worried that IT complexity will make it impossible to manage performance

Tame your dynamic microservice and container architecture

  • Automated


Containers and microservices are discovered and mapped automatically. No need to modify container images or code.

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  • full stack

Full stack

Dynatrace sees how everything fits together, from user experience across microservices and code-level to cloud infrastructure.

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  • AIOps


Dynatrace goes beyond correlation to provide deterministic root cause.

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Unique scalability and deployment capabilities

  • Scalability

Web-scale for 100.000+ hosts

Built cloud-native, Dynatrace is highly scalable, available, and secure.

  • Security

Enterprise governance and security

Dynatrace provides secure role-based access management.

  • Automated

Flexible deployment options

Choose between SaaS and managed - Saas currency with on-premises data.

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Many microservices, one agent

While other monitoring solutions require an agent for every different technology, Dynatrace sees it all with a single agent. With the Dynatrace OneAgent you don’t need to know what’s running in every container, and you don’t need to modify container images or code. Just install the OneAgent and we do the rest.

service flow

service flow smartscape

Auto discover microservices and containers

Dynatrace automatically creates a complete, real-time topology of your containerized microservice architecture. We discover all your containers and what’s running inside of them, and we know when containers are spun up or down, so your topology is always up to date.

We’ve got you covered

Regardless of which technologies you are using to orchestrate and run your containers, Dynatrace can tell you exactly what’s going on. We go beyond just simple infrastructure metrics to tell you about your application, user experience, and business transactions.

Docker processes


Monitoring a microservice and containerized environment with traditional monitoring tools is both cumbersome and ineffective. Dynatrace’s ability to give container level metrics and application performance with a single install on the host dramatically reduces the effort required to maintain our environment.”
Mark Kaplan, Director IT at BARBRI

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