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Dynatrace for software & digital companies

Accelerate innovation and drive business growth at speed and scale with high reliability and security.

Stay ahead of your competition by delivering innovation faster

We deliver the precise, AI-powered insights and continuous automation teams need to streamline DevSecOps processes, increase efficiency, and lower operational costs.

Here’s what you can do with Dynatrace:

Business continuity

Confidently deliver products and ensure business continuity

Boost agility and deliver innovative strategies to meet changing demands with real-time insights into application performance, availability, and end-user experience.

Drive efficiencies

Drive efficiencies and ROI by optimizing spend in a rapidly changing environment

Automatically trigger remediation workflows, and reduce spend on licenses and resources, by consolidating monitoring tools under one modern observability platform.

Deliver high quality software

Innovate faster and boost engineering productivity

Reduce risk through intelligent automations of canary releases, progressive delivery, and toggling of feature flags – including triggering rollbacks and remediation.

Keep employees happier

Keep employees happier by eliminating mundane work

Automate tasks and allocate resources more effectively, so teams can stop chasing bugs, focus on releasing new features, and staying ahead of ever-changing customer expectations.

Dynatrace was the one platform that combined everything we were looking for – there’s nothing else in the industry that compares.
Michael Cabrera SRE Leader, Vivint
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supported technologies

We’re open, extensible, and built to integrate with all major cloud platforms and solutions.

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