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Unleash our latest platform innovations

Empower teams to collaborate, automate, and innovate with the newest additions to our unified observability and security platform.

Leverage new core technologies to reduce toil and do more with less

  • Grail

    Overcome cloud complexity through instant, cost-efficient, AI-powered analytics for observability, security, and business data at any scale.

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  • AppEngine

    Create and share custom, enterprise-grade apps that leverage insights from all your observability, security, and business data.

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  • AutomationEngine

    Drive intelligent cloud ecosystem automation with precise answers and secure integrations that leverage causal AI and all your data.

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Makes every team more effective with a purpose-built experience


Visualize, explore, and get precise answers from all your observability, security, and business data in seconds.


Apply petabyte-scale exploratory analytics to your unified observability, security, and business data.


Effortlessly combine no-code workflow automation with automation-as-code.


Only pay for what you use with Dynatrace Platform Subscription

  • All access icon

    Full access

    Use any observability, security, AIOps, and automation capability

    • Use any module in any quantity
    • Scale instantaneously
    • Granular usage data and alerting
  • Simple contract icon

    Simple contract

    Combined commit for the entire Dynatrace platform

    • Annual spend commitment with consumption-based drawdown
    • Straightforward rate card
    • Flexible hourly pricing
  • No hidden fee icon

    No hidden fees

    Same rates for committed and on-demand usage.

    • No monthly minimums
    • No per-user fees
    • No surprise surcharges or extras