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Visualize, explore, and get precise answers from all your observability, security, and business data in seconds.

Get complete situational awareness with your own custom dashboards

Give IT, development, security, and business teams the precise answers they need with rich visualizations and interactive dashboards.

Get clear answers from information-rich dashboards

Quickly create live dashboards from your logs, events, metrics, and other data to deliver precise, real-time answers you can trust.

Uncover deeper insights with external data

Fetch data from any external system to enrich the data already stored in Grail, and provide useful context and higher-quality insights.

Share answers and collaborate more effectively

Help teams achieve goals and deliver better business results faster with explainable answers and the ability to explore data collaboratively and in full context.

What can teams do with Dashboards?

DevOps and SRE

DevOps and SRE

Visualize application and infrastructure health including issues and SLO tracking.



Understand RUM metrics and what application experience is for real users.



Visualize and understand your security posture and ensure software security.

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