Cloud infrastructure monitoring

Simplified, automated cloud infrastructure monitoring. AI-powered. All-in-one.

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One solution for your cloud platforms, infrastructure and more

Dynatrace Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring empowers IT to modernize and consolidate enterprise cloud monitoring with:

  • Automated

All-in-one monitoring platform that automates deployment, configuration, and analysis across cloud platforms, containers, and hosts in real-time.

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  • full stack

AI-powered architecture that understands your topology and provides you with answers, not just alerts, for infrastructure problems.

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  • AIOps

Single end-to-end view that consolidates disparate monitoring tools and data into a shared, accessible platform for the entire DevOps team.

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Way beyond just host monitoring

Dynatrace monitors your physical, virtual and cloud hosts, but it does so much more. We provide visibility across PaaS and container technologies like Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry, process detection and resource utilization, network usage and performance, log monitoring, and even third-party data and event integration.

Access technology-specific process metrics out-of-the-box

Consolidate tools with an all-in-one approach

Dynatrace cloud infrastructure monitoring is just one part of our full stack monitoring solution. See everything, from the application, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users, all in context, automated with a single agent install.

Dynatrace dashboard

Cut down MTTI by 75% with artificial intelligence

Because Dynatrace understands all the relationships and dependencies that make up your application and infrastructure, our AI engine can analyze billions of dependencies to tell you exactly what happened and why, dramatically reducing mean-time-to-identify and mean-time-to-repair issues.

Problem evolution

Simple, direct integration with ITSM systems

Dynatrace cloud infrastructure monitoring seamlessly integrates with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow for real-time CMDB accuracy and streamlined incident management.

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As Docebo moved to the cloud, we quickly discovered that traditional infrastructure monitoring tools weren’t able to handle the scale or dynamic nature of the cloud. Dynatrace changed the way we monitor our applications and infrastructure. We’ve been able to consolidate tools and get a unified view of our environment that is always up-to-date and provides valuable, real-time insights.”
Andrea Spoldi, Infrastructure Architect, Docebo

Purpose-built for hybrid multi-cloud environments

Unique scalability and deployment capabilities

  • Scalability

Web-scale for 100.000+ hosts

Built cloud-native, Dynatrace is highly scalable, available, and secure.

  • Security

Enterprise governance and security

Dynatrace provides secure role-based access management.

  • Automated

Flexible deployment options

Choose between SaaS and managed - SaaS currency with on-premises data.

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