WALTHAM, MA, October 1, 2020 – Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), announced today that Temenos, a world-leading banking software provider, is using the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform to help its customers create seamless banking experiences. With Dynatrace®, Temenos gains automatic and intelligent observability across the hybrid, multicloud ecosystem that underpins its SaaS offering, which includes a combination of Microsoft Azure, AWS, and on-premises solutions. Dynatrace is helping to transform the way Temenos’ IT team works, enabling them to deliver new services faster and proactively optimize digital experiences for their customers in the financial services industry.

“As a SaaS provider, it’s critical that we proactively and continuously optimize our services to enable our customers to create better banking experiences,” said Andrew Reeves, Managing Director, Temenos SaaS. “The complexity and dynamic nature of our highly distributed architecture was increasingly difficult to manage. We needed a new approach to monitoring to enable us to continue delivering rapid innovation and digital experiences that delight our customers. Do-it-yourself approaches would have required too much manual configuration and manpower investment, so we looked at commercial solutions, and Dynatrace was the clear choice. The Dynatrace platform’s breadth of capabilities, scalability, and continuous automation, and the maturity and power of its AI engine, made the decision a no-brainer.”

As with many modern cloud environments, Temenos’ SaaS platform has become increasingly complex. Not only are the interdependencies among services, workloads, and the cloud infrastructure they run on growing exponentially, the frequency of change in these environments is increasing as well. To regain control, and to understand and anticipate issues, not just observe data, Dynatrace provides an automatic and intelligent observability platform that supports webscale environments. All data sources and services are auto-discovered continuously, and topology is mapped and maintained for exact dependency relationships in real time. The Dynatrace AI engine, Davis®, automatically identifies any anomalies that arise, providing precise root-cause determination, and prioritizing answers based on business impact. This helps Temenos’ teams to understand the full context of any performance or user experience problems immediately, effectively manage their workload, and focus on high-value projects that improve customer success and business results.

“I don’t need my team spending valuable engineering time setting up a monitoring system or searching through data for insights. We need to remain focused on delivering faster innovation for our customers and driving better outcomes for our business,” continued Reeves. “Dynatrace’s continuous discovery and instrumentation capabilities are particularly attractive, enabling us to maintain observability across our dynamic SaaS environment, automate manually intensive tasks, and achieve incredibly fast time to value. The AI capabilities are also invaluable, enabling our teams to move away from looking at dashboards and trying to analyze data, to having a platform that provides us with the knowledge and precise answers we need to create better experiences for our customers.”

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