WALTHAM, MA and LAS VEGAS, NV – February 5, 2020 – Software intelligence company, Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced the next generation of its Infrastructure Monitoring module in its industry-leading, all-in-one Software Intelligence Platform at Perform 2020, the company’s annual user conference. The latest upgrades, including enhanced AI, expanded out-of-the-box observability, and the ability to create custom metrics from log events, provide Dynatrace® customers with greater efficiency, simplicity and speed as they undergo digital transformation.

Organizations in all industries are under increasing pressure to digitally transform. This has resulted in a dramatic shift away from static data centers and monolithic workloads to agile cloud architectures with dynamic microservices. According to a recent CIO research report, 70% of organizations are using microservices, with 88% expecting to have deployed them within twelve months. As existing monitoring tools have struggled to keep up with the new, massive scale and dynamic nature of the cloud, many organizations have resorted to do-it-yourself-methods, deploying multiple tools and manual approaches to understand their cloud and container landscape. Though the tools can be modern, the methods are problematic due to the volume, velocity and variety of data needed for a comprehensive understanding of today’s dynamic, web-scale clouds.

“With our new enhancements, our radically different approach to infrastructure observability just got a whole lot better,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “From the beginning we built Dynatrace to deliver full-stack observability to dynamic, cloud-first environments. Our latest infrastructure monitoring module leverages the answers-first approach delivered by the AI and advanced automation capabilities at the core of our all-in-one Software Intelligence Platform. As a result, Dynatrace enables IT teams to keep up with growing complexity and removes the need for multiple tools and manual do-it-yourself approaches. This helps these teams lead their organizations through digital transformation with speed, simplicity, and confidence.”

“As our cloud environment became increasingly complex and dynamic, we realized our separate, domain-specific monitoring tools left us doing too much work ourselves, and with more questions than answers,” said Brian Batiste, Software Engineer at McKesson. “The all-in-one Dynatrace platform with embedded AI tackles this complexity. Including infrastructure monitoring in this platform gives us the precise answers we need across our full infrastructure landscape, enabling us to transform IT, increase productivity and resolve problems faster, which in turn minimizes customer impact and drives better outcomes for our business.”

New enhancements to the Dynatrace® Infrastructure Monitoring module include:

  • Extended out-of-the-box observability for cloud-native environments – Dynatrace now automatically ingests data from additional sources, including new AWS and Azure services, Kubernetes-native events, Prometheus OpenMetrics, and Spring Micrometer metrics. This provides out-of-the-box, comprehensive observability at scale, plus more precise answers to enable faster problem resolution, improved productivity, and rapid innovation in multi-cloud environments.
  • Custom metrics and events from log monitoring – The Dynatrace® platform can now create custom metrics and events based on log data so organizations can extend infrastructure observability to any application, script, or process that writes to a log file. This facilitates tool consolidation, and reduces the cost and effort involved in manual administration.
  • Smarter infrastructure monitoring – The Dynatrace Davis® AI engine now automatically provides thresholds and baselining algorithms for all infrastructure performance and reliability metrics, extending root-cause analysis and enabling organizations to easily scale infrastructure monitoring without manual configuration in dynamic cloud environments. As a result, organizations gain access to precise answers in real time, supporting faster innovation while ensuring infrastructure performance and availability.

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