The cost of cloud complexity

Top challenges for CIOs in a software-driven, hybrid, multi-cloud world

This global study of 800 CIOs examines the challenges faced by IT teams as the software landscape evolves, shining a light on how, amidst rising complexity, dealing with digital performance problems is costing businesses an average of $3.3 million annually.

Dive in to find out how:

  • Software is transforming every business
  • The cloud is creating a surge in IT complexity
  • The age of the customer is increasing pressure on IT teams
  • AI and automation can help overcome these challenges

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Every company, in every industry, is transforming into a software business, but this has significant ramifications.


of CIOs believe increased complexity could make it extremely difficult to manage performance.


of CIOs say there could be a threat to the existence of their business if they can’t manage IT performance.

Underpinning this software revolution is the cloud. Hybrid, multi-cloud ecosystems have become the new normal.


is the average number of technology systems that a single web or mobile transaction crosses.

The percentage of CIOs that don’t have complete visibility into application performance in cloud-native architectures is


In the age of the customer, high quality service is paramount, but increased complexity threatens the customer experience.


is the average number of outages experienced by businesses in the last 12 months where user experience, revenue or operations were impacted.

The average proportion of IT teams' time spent tackling digital performance problems is


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