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Monitor, analyze, and optimize digital experience with an enhanced 360-degree view of every single user journey.

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SmartTV crash analysis with Dynatrace

How Voice of the Customer solutions can transform digital experience monitoring

Faster crash analysis for mobile apps

Why retailers must break down team silos to drive digital innovation and growth

Press release

Dynatrace helps the State of Minnesota deliver uninterrupted access to digital services during a tenfold surge in demand

Dynatrace Helps the State of Minnesota Deliver Uninterrupted Access to Digital Services During a Tenfold Surge in Demand

Davis Security Advisor extends Dynatrace Application Security with automatic vulnerability prioritization

Automatically detect potential frontend attacks that cause Content Security Policy (CSP) violations

How to ensure payment gateway problems don’t become business problems

Delivering excellent digital experience for customers in a complex digital world

Session Replay improved for continuously deployed apps: CSS file capture

Optimize modern web applications with automatic insights into pages and page groups

Dynatrace Business Analytics: BizDevOps collaboration through business observability

How BizDevOps can “shift left” using SLOs to automate quality gates

Dynatrace observability for e-commerce helps SAP deliver a record holiday shopping season

Dynatrace named Innovative Marketing Partner of the Year by Red Hat

Business Insights extends support for optimizing Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals: Practical metrics for optimal user experiences

U-Haul optimizes digital experience with Dynatrace Session Replay

Observability: A process change, not a set of tools

Deliver a perfect, GDPR-compliant mobile experience

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U-Haul speeds its digital transformation with Dynatrace

How Mitchells & Butlers brought the business together with DevOps metrics from Dynatrace

Private Synthetic Monitoring locations now also supported on Ubuntu 20