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Generative AI model observability, cloud modernization take center stage with partners at Dynatrace Perform 2024

With our annual user conference, Dynatrace Perform 2024 rapidly approaching on January 29 through February 1, 2024, our teams, partners, and customers are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Perform serves yearly as the marquis Dynatrace event to unveil new announcements, learn about new uses and best practices, and meet with peers and partners alike. At this year’s Perform, we are thrilled to have our three strategic cloud partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), returning as both sponsors and presenters to share their expertise about cloud modernization and observability of generative AI models.

Dynatrace unified observability and security is critical to not only keeping systems high performing and risk-free, but also to accelerating customer migration, adoption, and efficient usage of their cloud of choice. More so than ever before, organizations are investing in cloud migration and cloud modernization to lower total cost of ownership (TCO). These investments, in turn, extend to unifying observability with context and intelligence across increasingly dynamic and complex cloud environments, and ensuring that their cloud ecosystems are not only reliable and secure but also optimized to realize resource savings and accelerate release delivery.

At this year’s Perform, all three of our cloud partners will take the stage to speak about these benefits—and how to achieve them—in their expert-led sessions. Takeaways will be immediately applicable for both technologists and business stakeholders alike, helping attendees put into place the right observability and security practices with Dynatrace to further advance their cloud modernization journey (and make it a smooth one at that).

Read on to learn what you can look forward to hearing about from each of our cloud partners at Perform. If you’re unable to join us in Las Vegas, be sure to register to attend virtually—or view sessions on-demand afterward—so you don’t miss out!

Accelerating AWS migration and optimizing efficiency with Dynatrace

As many companies embrace cloud modernization and begin migrating to the AWS cloud (or continuing to move existing workloads), complexity can introduce uncertainty into the process. What can we move? What will the new architecture be? How can we ensure we see performance gains once migrated? These are the big questions that have slowed, or prevented, many teams from migrating.

In an upcoming partner session at Dynatrace Perform 2024, Mark Jaggers, AWS technical program manager, will detail the key steps of the migration process and showcase where Dynatrace is integral in not only answering these questions, but providing the technical ability and automation to migrate more quickly and confidently.

Session attendees will learn first-hand how Dynatrace natively integrates into the AWS Migration Hub to provide a full topology of on-prem workloads and dependencies in order to generate the ideal cloud-based architecture in the AWS cloud. Additionally, discover how Dynatrace is easily deployed on newly migrated workloads to get instant insights into performance, utilization, security, and efficiency post-migration. Finally, Mark will take attendees a step further to demonstrate how Dynatrace underpins the AWS Well-Architected pillars of cost optimization and operational excellence by helping enterprises to right-size AWS resources with utilization metrics and configuration for continuous efficiency in the cloud.

Learn more about Dynatrace and AWS in the whitepaper, Why modern, well-architected AWS clouds demand AI-powered observability.

Microsoft and Dynatrace solve cloud modernization complexities with generative AI models

In the cacophony of digital noise, where every buzzword promises to revolutionize businesses, how do organizations discern the transformative from the trivial? The struggle to prioritize digital transformation is real, and in this ever-evolving landscape, standing still is not an option. Innovation and cloud modernization aren’t luxuries; they’re the heartbeat of progress.

In this upcoming partner session at Dynatrace Perform 2024, Peter Laudati, Microsoft Cloud solution architect – GPS US, and Jay Gurbani, Dynatrace senior technical partner manager, will share how Microsoft and Dynatrace are helping enterprises solve the complexities introduced by cloud modernization and how organizations can use tools and innovations to unlock the true potential of the digital ecosystem. The session will explore leveraging AI for real-time business decisions and real-world applications.

Learn more about Dynatrace and Microsoft in the whitepaper, Why modern, well-architected Azure clouds demand AI-powered observability.

Enhancing generative AI models in real-world production settings with GCP and Dynatrace

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the fusion of leading technologies can yield unparalleled results. This partner Perform session will delve into the exploration of Dynatrace, a leading observability and security platform, and Vertex AI Generative AI, a suite of tools within Google Cloud designed for constructing and deploying generative AI models. Attendees can anticipate an examination of the technical intricacies involved in both platforms, offering insights into the possibilities of both systems’ power together. The focus will be on empowering users with the knowledge of how monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing tools can help enhance generative AI models in real-world production settings.

Led by Merlin Yamssi, lead solutions consultant at Google Cloud’s AI/ML CoE partner engineering, and Mike Villiger, senior manager of technical alliances at Dynatrace, this partner session at Perform 2024 will explore Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and the utilization of the Four Golden Signals for AI Observability. Attendees will gain valuable insight on how Dynatrace observability can complement key Google Cloud AI tools like Duet AI and Vertex AI through its Google Cloud integration and automated discovery processes. Learn more about enhancing system reliability by proactively detecting issues and understanding the capability of Dynatrace and Google Cloud in generative AI models and observability.

Learn more about Dynatrace and GCP from the ebook 5 Key Considerations for Monitoring Google Cloud.

From Las Vegas to the enterprise cloud

The learnings from Perform will be as vast and robust as the enterprise cloud itself and illuminate how Dynatrace is the (not so) secret weapon to accelerating your cloud modernization journey. Beyond the three breakout sessions from our cloud partners, as an attendee, you can also visit them in our expo hall and talk through unique challenges and use cases to further empower you to supercharge your own digital transformation in the cloud.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from and meet with these cloud powerhouses at Dynatrace Perform 2024. Register now to attend in person (or virtually). We’ll see you in Las Vegas and follow you to the cloud!