G2 users rate Dynatrace number 1 in observability

G2 users have rated Dynatrace number 1 for observability in the first-ever Observability Suite Solutions ranking.

We are pleased to share, G2 users have just named Dynatrace number 1 in the first-ever Observability Suite Solutions ranking. This recognition follows Dynatrace’s top placement across recent G2 Grid® Reports, including AIOps Platforms, Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, Container Monitoring, Digital Experience Monitoring, Session Replay and Application Performance Monitoring.

These ratings reflect Dynatrace users’ perspectives on what sets us apart: the ability to tame cloud complexity with an all-In-one-platform built on a unified data model with AI and automation at the core. This allows DevSecOps teams to spend less time troubleshooting and more time driving innovation and business value.

Andrew Hittle, Dynatrace SVP, Chief Customer Officer, summarized our sentiment when he said, “It’s always rewarding to see the impact we’ve had on our customers. This continued recognition from G2 users is a gratifying acknowledgement of how we’ve been able to empower digital teams to drive greater continuous value to their businesses. User feedback like this is critical to our platform innovation, and we view these insights as the building blocks of our strategy to transform the way digital teams work.”

This latest G2 user rating follows a steady cadence of recent industry recognition for Dynatrace, including:

Here’s what a few of the G2 users said about Dynatrace:

“A gamechanger in monitoring and operations.”

  • “The unique approach to provide full-stack visibility, not only focusing on one aspect but covering everything that is of interest for a modern cloud operation, driven by a DevOps culture. The scale and automation at which Dynatrace can be applied is unmatched. No need for any manual configuration of thresholds or dependencies, it’s discovering dependencies automatically, and the AI helps tremendously to discover problems fast and get to root causes easily.” – Senior Product Manager 

“15 years in monitoring and Dynatrace tops all the vendors I have worked with”

  • “While most of the big vendors have spent their time trying to patch and upgrade their way to the needs of today, Dynatrace went back to the drawing board and created something special for today’s needs. We have found the AI to be spot on with our environments. The OneAgent is an industry-leading approach to instrumentation, saving administrators time and allowing them to focus on things that matter. I have also never found a vendor with such a strong community backing that is both extremely active and helpful.” – Senior Systems Administrator, SRE

“Dynatrace is dynamite”

  • “Dynatrace has more than exceeded our expectations. Gone are the days where Infrastructure was first to blame for everything – Dynatrace provides a clear visualization of where problems lie and even suggests possible resolution. Empowering our users – from DevOps to marketing, management to procurement – to self-service has also freed up resource(es) that can be better spent elsewhere. So great!” – Insurance Consultant 

“Make your cloud autonomous”

  • “Dynatrace is very easy to set up, whether it’s an on-premises installation or just the agents. You get insights into your application from End User Experience to code-level analytics in minutes.” – Telecommunications Consultant

Real insights”

  • “Dynatrace combines the power of metric data and logs with the internal image of how your architecture looks (as they call it: SmartScape). This offers you great abilities for root-cause analysis and real answers.” – Administrator in Banking

For more about Dynatrace’s AI-driven observability solution, visit our web page. It’s easy to get started with a free trial.

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