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Dynatrace wins AI Breakthrough Award for Davis® AI engine

Today, the AI Breakthrough Awards announced its 2020 winners, recognizing the leading AI innovators and solutions. We are proud to share Dynatrace has been named the winner in the “Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company” category, recognized for our innovation and the business-driving impact of our AI engine, Davis.

This year’s AI Breakthrough Awards attracted over 2,000 nominations from the best companies, technologies, products, and services in the field of AI / AIOps. We were in good company. The winners in other categories include IBM, NetApp, and TransPerfect.

The AI Breakthrough Awards underscore the value AI provides for organizations across industries. We are incredibly proud of the difference that Davis has made for our customers, helping them to achieve their digital transformation goals at scale, simplify the complexity of multicloud environments, maximize revenue streams and business value, and, ultimately, do more with less time, resources, and money.

That success and this award are not a coincidence: Dynatrace’s Software Intelligence Platform was created to help customers transform how they work on their journey to the dynamic multicloud. And unlike alternatives in the market, Davis is not just an add-on to an existing solution – it is purpose-built into the core of our platform.

Validating the success – and need – for AI-assistance

As our customers, and organizations globally, have accelerated their digital transformation, IT environments have become increasingly complex. Teams are tasked with managing cloud, hybrid cloud, and multicloud environments with thousands of containers and microservices that come and go in seconds and spanning billions of interdependencies. This has created a growing gap between complexity, data volume and variety, and IT teams’ ability to keep up.

Organizations need to bridge this gap between complexity and resources, automating away redundant time-consuming tasks, and using AI-assistance to proactively deal with business-impacting issues. Dynatrace automatically collects data not just from metrics, traces, and logs, but also user experience and code-level insights – all in context and mapped into a topology. That continuous automation also extends to Davis’ analyzing of over 14 trillion interdependencies per minute and monitoring of hybrid/multicloud environments for performance degradations, and delivering precise, real-time insights that prioritize alerts based on business impact. This advanced observability also applies across organizations’ DevOps processes, delivery pipelines, and production environments, empowering them to catch bad code before it can impact end-users, empowering them to catch bad code before it can impact end-users.

All of this enables DevOps teams to spend more time on innovative, value-adding activities, as Davis continuously monitors for errors or system degradations. As a result, Davis reduces wasted motions, improves collaboration across IT, DevOps, and business teams, and saves our customers an average $1.5 million a year in employee productivity alone.

The difference Davis makes

The AI Breakthrough Award win comes off the back of other recognitions our platform has received this year, by industry analysts and users alike. In June, G2 users awarded Dynatrace the #1 ranking across six Spring 2020 Grid® Reports, including in AIOps Platforms. Earlier in the year, Gartner scored Dynatrace #1 in five out of six use cases in its 2020 Critical Capabilities for Application Performance Monitoring report.

We are proud of Davis’ impact on our customers’ businesses and its role in enabling them to better serve their own internal users and customers. But some of our favorite stories about the difference Davis makes are the ones we hear about how AI has changed our customers’ lives – stories of how team members are able to spend more time with their families, get more sleep at night, and reimagine their roles into something more personally satisfying because they know Davis has things covered. Stories like these are what keep us going. At the end of the day, we do this work for our customers, not for the awards… though we would be lying if we said the awards weren’t a nice recognition that validates both the need for Davis and the effect it is having on real people, within the world’s leading organizations.

True to the “AI Breakthrough” Awards’ name, we will not rest on our laurels. We will continue to break through, innovate, and enhance our AI to ensure that, as market conditions and customer needs continue to evolve, Davis and Dynatrace will be right beside them in lockstep.

Congratulations to all the 2020 AI Breakthrough Award winners!