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Reinventing our Dynatrace Core Values

Values are the fabric of who we are, what we stand for as a company, and how we deliver what we promise to ourselves and our stakeholders. Studies show that purpose matters now more than ever to individuals, and core values serve as the key to creating a thriving business environment.

Since taking on the role of Chief People Office at Dynatrace in the summer of 2022, my key focus has been developing and continually evolving an outstanding, globally cohesive employee experience to support and strengthen our growing organization. After discovering what unites Dynatrace employees around the globe, I collaborated with our Founder and CTO, Bernd Greifeneder, and CEO, Rick McConnell, to build on and transform the phenomenal culture that has guided the company over the last two decades, which included the refresh of the Dynatrace Core Values.

As a global, multinational company, our leadership team took time to consider how we scale our company culture without losing its unique magic, and how we can make sure all employees know and understand our values—the backbone of our culture.

With these considerations in mind, our refreshed values emphasize the actions we hold in high regard and strive to exemplify in our daily endeavors. Our three values statements were crafted to depict what Dynatrace is today, what we want it to be in the future, and above all, what we want to aspire to be as Dynatracers.

Innovate with Passion

We build innovative solutions and creative approaches to our business across all functions to benefit our stakeholders. The profound curiosity, inspiration, and desire to drive positive change fuel our passion.

Engage with Purpose

We aspire to fulfill our mission through a commitment to excellence and the delivery of meaningful customer value. We collaborate and communicate effectively to reach our shared goals and aid our customers in achieving their objectives. We foster an environment where every Dynatracer can have an impact. We listen with empathy, foster diverse perspectives, and act with kindness.

Win with Integrity

We deliver results through honesty, transparency, and accountability. We compete with tenacity while upholding the highest ethical standards and respect for our customers, partners, and colleagues. We constantly learn from feedback, celebrate with humility, and strive for excellence.

Why and how we refreshed our Core Values

For more than 20 years, the Dynatrace team has been united by the vision of a world where software works perfectly. As we grow, it’s vital to hold onto our essence and protect our core while adapting to change.

When our CEO Rick McConnell joined in late 2021, one of the first actions he initiated together with the Dynatrace Leadership Team was defining our Mission, Purpose, and Vision (MPV) at a time that was shaped by remarkable growth and product innovations. Through our MPV, we created a shared understanding of Dynatrace’s differentiation in the market and the value we deliver to our customers and the world.

During this time, Rick and Bernd had also started to identify where they wanted to lead our people, aligned with their principles and tenets, and building on the values that have made us successful. I joined Dynatrace with a focus on fostering a one-company mindset within our globally distributed and growing team and launched an initiative that brought the voice of Dynatracers into the mix, helping us understand their personal values, employee experiences, and shared traits in the company culture. This top-bottom and bottom-top approach gave us the right tools to redesign our values.

In a collaborative effort that lasted several months and many iterations, these three powerful statements—Innovate with Passion, Engage with Purpose, Win with Integrity—were crafted to embody guiding principles for Dynatracers, building on our new MPV and the discovery of our unique Dynatrace culture uniting us across the globe.

“It was an iterative process allowing us to reflect on the past, present, and future of Dynatrace, discuss our findings, and explore the results received in the employee experience discovery.”  

Dynatrace CEO, Rick McConnell

Now, our refreshed Dynatrace Core Values are established. I’m grateful to CEO Rick McConnell, CTO Bernd Greifeneder, every Dynatrace Leadership Team member, and every employee who contributed to the discovery.

“Motivated by our vision and guided by our Values, we don’t just write lines of code or sell pieces of software but work daily to innovate, challenge the status quo, and have a meaningful impact on our customers and in the world.”

Dynatrace CTO, Bernd Greifeneder

As we scale, our next step is to embed our Dynatrace Core Values into every aspect of our actions as a foundational element of our daily experience. This will ensure that our long-standing culture is not only explicit for new team members to embrace but also one that builds on itself as we move forward. For this, we designed and kicked off a Values Adoption Strategy, which includes four steps—Awareness, Comprehension, Application, and Ownership.

We plan to share more about our journey soon. Stay tuned.