Dynatrace wins spot on Constellation ShortList™ for DPM for Q3 2020

Dynatrace has been building up a strong wave of industry recognition over the past several months: named by Gartner as a Leader in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for the 10th consecutive time and highest scorer in five of six categories in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for APM report; rated by G2 users as the #1 AIOps platform; and winning the AI Breakthrough Award for Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company. Now I’m pleased to share we’ve received yet another one: Dynatrace has been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Digital Performance Management for Q3 2020.

The Constellation DPM ShortList evaluates over 25 vendors, judging their solutions on criteria that spans full-stack monitoring, proactive APM and problem resolution, and connecting the dots between customer journeys, application performance, and business outcomes. This year’s list was particularly focused on the use of machine learning and self-service reporting. Of the over 25 solutions assessed by Constellation, Dynatrace was just one of seven names chosen to make the ShortList.

This marks the fifth consecutive year Dynatrace has appeared on Constellation’s ShortList of DPM leaders, further validating Dynatrace’s commitment to innovating and disrupting the DPM space with our Software Intelligence Platform and AI-engine, Davis®.

The challenge – and business-critical importance – of mastering DPM

As IT environments have become increasingly complex and intertwined with business success, digital performance management has taken on a new dimension of importance. DPM is not just about monitoring application slowness, downtime, outages, configuration changes, and capacity issues. It has the potential to influence the holistic relationship between IT and the business, and how one influences and drives the other. DPM is also about optimizing system performance, identifying and remediating the root causes behind performance degradations, and having precise, real-time insights across billions of interdependencies – and how all of these capabilities have major business-driving ripple effects on everything from user experiences to employee productivity to revenue streams.

Having the right DPM capabilities makes organizations proactive, rather than reactive, so they can stay ahead of the factors that degrade response and load times: slow or non-responsive applications, downtime and outages, configuration changes, capacity issues. Those capabilities are what empower organizations to stay ahead of the curve, nimbly reacting to and solving issues occurring within their multicloud ecosystem or Kubernetes infrastructure before they can negatively impact users. And when organizations don’t have adequate DPM insights, they can’t provide reliable and engaging digital services and experiences to users, and inevitably end up losing those customers to competitors.

The operational and competitive advantages of creating great user experiences underscore why having advanced DPM capabilities has to be at the forefront of organizations’ digital transformation strategies. Failing to master DPM has significant implications for both IT and the business – the two go hand in hand.

Dynatrace unlocks new insights and collaboration for DPM

The Constellation Shortlist for Digital Performance Management has consistently recognized Dynatrace for our Software Intelligence Platform, which is uniquely suited to provide IT teams with the AI-assistance they need to master DPM. Our AI-engine, Davis, enables automatic monitoring and instrumentation over the billions of dependencies across an organization’s full-stack, multicloud environment.

That level of advanced observability – going beyond collecting metrics, logs, and traces, and extending to user experience, topology, and code-level insights, all in context – not only ensures that potential system anomalies are caught and remediated automatically, but also enables alerts to be prioritized based on their business impact. These insights provide a single source of truth that can eliminate silos and promote better cross-team collaboration.

In short, Dynatrace identifies problems and anomalies, prioritizing alerts based on business impact, detailing the root cause of any issue, and enabling proactive response. This improves collaboration between IT, DevOps and business teams, ensures organizations can reliably deliver engaging digital experiences for users, and improves business outcomes – from strengthened brand reputation to new revenue streams.

Dynatrace’s Software Intelligence Platform was purpose-built to provide AI-powered answers and enable organizations to accelerate their digital transformations, and we’re gratified that Constellation recognized our work on this as part of their Q3 2020 ShortList.