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Dynatrace receives AWS ISV Partner of the Year Award in Austria

Dynatrace has received the ISV Partner of the Year Award for Austria, presented by Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). This award reflects the worldwide partnership commitment between our companies and recognition of the dedicated work we do together to support customers around the globe.

The Dynatrace and AWS strategic alliance spans nearly a decade and includes alignment across product, sales, business development, and more teams. In the last five years especially, AWS has become an even stronger driving force behind digital transformation initiatives throughout the Dynatrace customer base. The joint commitment between Dynatrace and AWS to making our customer organizations successful has only deepened, with a focus on accelerating AWS cloud adoption and efficient use of hybrid environments.

“We are honored to be named ISV Partner of the Year in Austria by AWS,” said Rob Van Lubek, VP EMEA at Dynatrace. “AWS is a strategic partner for Dynatrace, and for our customers, and this award reflects the deep alignment, collaboration, and value we’re driving together.”

Achieving key AWS competencies

The AWS Competency Program is an AWS Specialization Program that validates partner expertise in building software or delivering services across industries, use cases, and workloads. Competency partners are measured against a high bar to achieve an AWS Specialization, making it easier for customers to find organizations with the right expertise and experience to accelerate their business growth.

Of the 12 AWS competencies held by Dynatrace, this year alone, the Security Competency and the new Cloud Operation Competency have been added to the list. The Cloud Operation Competency is earned by AWS partners who offer comprehensive solutions with an integrated approach across all five solution areas of cloud operations: cloud governance, cloud financial management, monitoring and observability, compliance and auditing, and operations management. AWS Cloud Operations Competency partners have proven experience and expertise in helping customers build a strong and scalable foundation for their end-to-end cloud operations.

Technical alignment and achievements

As an ISV Partner of the Year recipient, Dynatrace continues to progress in how we deliver the innovative AWS offerings our customers depend on. Since first launching Grail on AWS in the fall of 2022, we have since expanded the Dynatrace platform on AWS into new SaaS regions like Brazil and Mumbai. Dynatrace functionality built on top of Grail, such as AppEngine and Automation Engine, has enabled us to bring to market offers like the Carbon Impact app. Dynatrace Carbon Impact enables customers to operate their environments more sustainably, helping to uphold one of the pillars of an AWS well-architected cloud.

Over this year alone, Dynatrace has also been a launch partner of key new AWS offerings such as AWS Lambda Response Streaming.

AWS Partner of the Year means driving value for customers

The most meaningful sign of a fruitful strategic alliance is the joint customer successes realized together. At Dynatrace, the results our platform delivers to our customers in driving the innovative usage and efficient operation of their AWS environment is the ultimate measure of our partnership with AWS — and this year we’ve seen some great success stories.

With Dynatrace deployed for DevSecOps across a Kubernetes-based AWS architecture, our joint customer Soldo, a leading FinTech innovator in Europe, accelerated time to market for faster, more secure releases that drive greater customer satisfaction. We’ve also helped customers in energy, oil and gas, and financial services drive their most strategic AWS initiatives by delivering cloud observability and security at an enterprise scale that grows with their evolving business needs.

The best is yet to come

As thrilled as we are to receive the ISV Partner of the Year award from AWS, we’re just as excited about where we can continue to innovate and grow with AWS in the future. As the leader in observability and security, Dynatrace continues to invest in developing new features and functionality to empower our users on AWS to further accelerate and optimize their cloud journey. In partnership with AWS, we tirelessly seek to deliver joint solutions that create a world where software works perfectly — and our customers realize the myriad benefits the AWS cloud has to offer.

To learn more about Dynatrace and AWS and try it (for free) yourself, check out our free trial on the AWS Marketplace.