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Vulnerability remediation accelerated for one company on AWS, enabling faster, more secure releases

Imagine spending nearly 100 hours on every vulnerability remediation issue. For many teams, this isn’t something they have to imagine—it’s something they experience regularly. For one major European financial services company, this was their reality prior to adopting Dynatrace Application Security. The impact on their staff and bottom line was the wake-up call they needed to adapt their security approach.

Too many signals, not enough automation

As this enterprise financial services company accelerated its rapid adoption of AWS cloud-native services on which to build its internal and external applications, they were simultaneously supporting multiple disconnected monitoring and security tools. The company used these tools to glean insights into the applications running in their AWS environment. This meant they regularly received piecemeal alerts without full context when they discovered a vulnerability. This process also lacked an automated solution for vulnerability remediation.

As a result, vulnerabilities were frequently being introduced into production, as their pre-release code reviews, being largely manual, were either fast or thorough, but rarely both. The noise and lack of automation became critical business blockers for the organization in hitting key milestones. Ultimately, they needed to ensure they weren’t just releasing new applications but ones that were impermeable to attack.

Powering prioritization and automatic vulnerability remediation

As an existing Dynatrace customer, the financial services company was already using OneAgent to collect metrics throughout every tier of the application stack in their expansive AWS environment. This made switching on Application Security fast and easy. Immediately, the company began seeing formerly unknown vulnerabilities pop up on their dashboard.

But beyond the proof of concept, the real power came as the company fully adopted Dynatrace across its teams. Their adoption included building automated security checks into pre-production software development processes to prevent vulnerabilities from getting into production. A key game-changer for the organization was the ability to prioritize and automate vulnerability remediation. This capability enabled the company to automatically block attacks occurring on top-priority, business-critical, and customer-facing applications within minutes versus the hundreds of hours this formerly took.

Building more vulnerability remediation with confidence

Because the company now has an automated vulnerability remediation system in place, they are able to operate with more confidence. This system enabled the company to move from noisy signals and manual processes to a fully automated vulnerability remediation system that ensures the utmost application security at every stage of the development lifecycle.

Operating free from uncertainty has allowed the company to consistently deliver more releases to market faster and more securely on AWS. Deploying Dynatrace Application Security on their AWS environments has ultimately saved them time, money, and resources that they can now apply toward building their next great (and secure) customer offering.

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