Dynatrace seamlessly integrates with OpenTracing to provide end-to-end distributed tracing at scale

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OpenTracing screenshot
OpenTracing screenshot

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What is OpenTracing?

OpenTracing is an open-source CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) project which provides vendor-neutral APIs and instrumentation for distributed tracing. Although OpenTracing and OpenCensus have merged to form OpenTelemetry in early 2019, third-party libraries and frameworks like Hazelcast IMDG still come equipped with OpenTracing pre-instrumentation.

End-to-end distributed tracing and analysis for OpenTracing

Dynatrace seamlessly integrates span data emitted by OpenTracing and provides information on every request, through every single microservice or serverless function eliminating existing blind spots. The seamless integration of OpenTracing for Java delivers actionable answers including:

  • Enriched OpenTracing for Java data with continuous topology mapping to understand interdependencies to related processes or hosts, with metadata such as deployment versions, feature flags, and Kubernetes pods
  • Code-level visibility and always-on profiling in transaction context providing analysis with precise method hotspot or CPU time to help debug or tune performance
  • Real user monitoring to understand impact of services on users and digital experience

End to end purepath with opentracing

AI-powered precise answers

Davis®, the open AI-engine of Dynatrace, continuously analyzes telemetry emitted by OpenTracing or OpenTelemetry and automatically detects anomalies and identifies root cause of issues across the software stack without manual configuration users see the impact:

  • Automatically reveal causal dependencies between components, including microservices and Kubernetes, using telemetry collected from open standards including OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry
  • Intelligent auto-baselining adapts and learns “normal” as environments change, with no manual threshold setting
  • Dynatrace Davis pinpoints the precise root cause of issues by working through billions of dependencies in milliseconds


Continuous automation and enterprise-scale platform

With automation and AI at its core, Dynatrace allows the largest enterprises to fully leverage their OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry data and achieve observability at scale with actionable insights. Accelerate the value teams get from OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry by reducing manual effort and risk:

  • Flexibility of SaaS to keep data in the cloud or on-prem, with the highest availability out-of-the-box
  • Speed and scale without limits, with single-command setup, bi-weekly auto-updates, and management zones
  • Data privacy and control with role-based governance and granular access permissions based on apps, services, and more

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