Mobile Performance Management

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Identify Mobile Apps issues, Delight users

See your app through your customer’s eyes. Dynatrace helps you deliver engaging user experiences to every user, everywhere, every time. Monitor your mobile apps, in production, to identify and fix problems before they cost you complains and lost users.

Troubleshoot crashes and issues quickly

Thanks to automated app wrapping or SDK based instrumentation; discover within few clicks whether the application code, back-end or 3rd party services are bringing your apps to their knees. Identify root causes down to the inefficient lines of code with the full trail of user actions, devices, carriers and networks, geographies to fix efficiently and sort them by business impact.

Boost your productivity

Leverage Dynatrace in your continuous builds to spot performance and stability issues before it’s too late and trend your progress across builds. Focus your development and QA efforts on segments transacting the most.

Be ready for the latest devices and OS's

Dynatrace gets you covered for existing and upcoming devices. We test latest devices, mobile OS releases and their betas as iOS 9 and Android M

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Collect real-time analytics

Proactively monitor app, device, networks and transaction metrics across your Web, mobile Web and mobile Apps channels.

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Catch issues before your users do

Dynatrace monitors services availability, response time and outages with tens of thousands of devices and locations around the globe. Be warned of CDNs, your or third party services issues before your users even notice. Replicate virtually any user profile and rank yourself with market leaders.