NoSQL Performance Monitoring

Switch to NoSQL with confidence

Wondering how NoSQL performance impacts end-user experience? Concerned about the performance of your NoSQL versus your old SQL database?

Whether you are using Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, AWS DynamoDB or other NoSQL environment, dynatrace is the only APM solution with comprehensive built-in support for all major NoSQL databases.

See NoSQL Transactions End-to-End

nosql transaction monitoring

For the first time, visualize your entire NoSQL application with an end-to-end transaction view from the end-user all the way into Apache Cassandra and other NoSQL databases, in real time for all transactions with patented PurePath Technology®. Also see impact of infrastructure on end-user experience, and performance of your mission-critical application and NoSQL database, using PureStack® Technology.

Understand NoSQL database Calls Monitoring

nosql data center monitoring

Get an automated database view for Apache HBase and other NoSQL databases. See contribution times, distribution, commands, response time, row counts, roundtrips and more to quickly pinpoint bottlenecks.

Identify Database Hotspots with a Single Click

identify database hotspots through transaction monitoring

Our database hotspot view enables you to identify the most expensive MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase and other database hotspots in your application, pinpoints the exact position in your application and which user interaction triggers it – all in a single click.

Infrastructure Impact with Multi-Variant Analytics

nosql end user experience monitoring

Correlate HBase and Cassandra compaction and Garbage Collection (GC) issues to application response times in real-time. Understand the impact of unhealthy hosts on your NoSQL database and your end-user response time with dynatrace PureStack Technology®.

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