Automatic root cause analysis

Dynatrace artificial intelligence automatically pinpoints the reasons underlying performance issues.

Root cause analysis

Resolve problems before they impact your customers

Dynatrace identifies performance issues before your customers are affected by them. Problems are prioritized based on their impact to your customers. So you always know how severe a problem is and if it’s impacting the user experience of your customers.

Check out this short video to see Dynatrace automated root cause analysis in action.


“Instead of waiting for a customer to call in and report a problem, we can now see where the problems and slow applications occur and fix them before they affect the customers.”

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Nebraska Book Company

“We immediately identify where a problem is, quantify the business impact and share root cause data with our internal teams and our digital agency to ensure any incident causes minimal impact to our end users.”

Cut down your mean time to repair by 90% or more

Performance problems are seldom isolated, one-time events—they’re usually symptoms of larger issues. Dynatrace artificial intelligence looks at billions of events and helps you address the causes of problems, not the symptoms.

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Dynatrace root cause analysis provides instant replay, visualizing how a problem developed.

Resolve highly complex problems visually

Applications in today’s increasingly complex and highly dynamic environments have more dependencies than a single person can effectively analyze with traditional monitoring tools.

Smartscape technology visualizes the dependencies of application components end-to-end throughout the whole technology stack.

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