Application performance monitoring

Application monitoring tools enable the diagnosis of performance problems and allow optimization across your stack

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Application performance monitoring ensures high performance for your software

Constant monitoring of your system allows you to manage the performance and availability of software applications. This leads to quick response times, improved computing processes and satisfied customers. Especially digital end user experience is one of the main goals when dealing with real user interactions and business transactions. The Dynatrace application performance monitoring tool saves the effort of interpreting such dependent events on your own and directs you to the component that might cause performance issues or problems for your customers. Fixing, accelerating, and optimizing your servers and software applications has never been so easy.

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Better customer experience and less problems

Application performance monitoring allows you to receive full-stack observation and alerting at any time. Monitoring your entire IT infrastructure is a major aspect for finding problems at code, application, service or host level. This helps to understand customers better, allows to run applications at their maximum of performance, and leads to quick findings regarding potential problems. Automatic discovery and configuration makes it possible to easily isolate bottlenecks with low amounts of workforce.

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Dynatrace ranks #1 for application performance monitoring

2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites

Named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM 7 years in a row

It’s our dedication to innovation and ability to see the market expanding beyond APM and into the modern era of “digital performance management” that earns us a top spot year after year.

Read the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for APM report here

The Forrester Wave™: Application Performance Management, Q3 2016

Forrester ranks Dynatrace a leader among the 14 APM providers that matter most

Our unique vision of digital performance management—full-stack monitoring with artificial intelligence to unite business, operations & development groups—sets us apart strategically.

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IDC Application Performance Management Software Market Shares Report

Dynatrace continues as no. 1 market leader for APM

IDC singled out Dynatrace as the APM vendor that “set the pace for market growth and innovation,” citing our DevOps and cloud capabilities and the way we are “harvesting technology innovation.”

Get insights into the IDC APM Market Shares report here

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“After deploying a new release, we spent over 30 hours trying to find a performance problem. Once we found the issue, it only took us 30 minutes to fix it. With Dynatrace application performance monitoring, finding a similar problem would only take us minutes to identify, saving us precious time and resources.”

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Application performance monitoring benefits in a nutshell

Continuously auto-discover and map all applications and business-transaction flows.

Application monitoring and management

More about deep dive application monitoring

Monitor and improve customer experience.

Upgrade your digital user experience

Monitor and improve customer experience

Monitor any layer environment

Monitor dynamic layer environments

Cloud monitoring made easy

Infrastructure monitoring for physical and virtual server insights

Full-stack observation including infrastructure monitoring

Physical and virtual infrastructure monitoring breakdown

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Dynatrace APM optimizes digital businesses of 8,000+ enterprise customers

Why choose Dynatrace application performance monitoring?

Supporting all major databases, cloud services and technologies, Dynatrace application performance monitoring integrates seamlessly into your IT environment.

Seamlessly integrate a huge range of cloud services and infrastructure components. Dynatrace supports individual cloud technologies as well as blended systems.

What is application performance monitoring?

Along with application performance management, the similar named task field of application performance monitoring is a major aspect in the area of information technology. With focus on software application performance and the aim of high quality end-user experience, application performance monitoring is an analytic and strategic way to optimize digital businesses. APM allows to gain immediate insights into problems with a brief overview of impacted applications, user actions and affected components.

Using AI algorithms and comprehensive data analytics, the Dynatrace application monitoring solution detects which components are causing problems. Dynatrace does this by collecting all required data using proprietary agent technology that pulls performance data from the whole stack: cloud instances, hosts, processes, and individual services. This way deep data analytics and detection of causal relationships between performance data points and millions of dependencies can be investigated in seconds. Summed up application performance monitoring contains aspects like real user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, deep monitoring as well as deep dive analytics. Further system and service observation and optimization is given with APM.

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