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Website performance monitoring tools are indispensable for maximizing the return on your digital investments and protecting your brand image on the web. Modern web applications are dependent on multiple internal and external APIs and third-party components and accessed from a diversity of devices, browsers, and geographies. This makes it difficult for organizations to ensure the speed, availability, and responsiveness of their website for every user—no matter when, how, or from where they connect.

Website performance monitoring tools support a proactive approach to web performance management. With web monitoring software, your teams can:

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Types of website performance monitoring tools

There are a variety of website performance monitoring tools available today. One of the most basic tools is the website speed test, which measures the load and response timing of your web page and page elements and provides you with a waterfall visualization of your test results. This information is useful for identifying bottlenecks and benchmarking your site’s performance. Another type of web monitoring tool is the web load test, which lets you simulate conditions of heavy load in order to assess the capacity of your web application. When implemented via the cloud, web load testing makes it easy to analyze the performance, availability, and scalability of your website when accessed from different geographic locations.

For organizations interested in comprehensive web application performance monitoring, real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring solutions are types of website performance monitoring tools that offer more sophisticated data collection and analytics capabilities. By enabling end-to-end web transaction monitoring, these tools give you a complete view of the application infrastructure from the client-side device to your backend servers. Both types of website performance monitoring tools give you actionable insight into the many variables affecting user behavior and the user experience.

The Dynatrace digital performance platform

Dynatrace User Experience Management is a unified digital performance management platform designed for web, mobile web, and mobile apps. Combining powerful real user and synthetic monitoring capabilities with intuitive dashboards, Dynatrace website performance monitoring tools are easy to deploy and easy to use. Dynatrace automatically detects and captures all web requests, third-party calls, and client-side errors and all users visits and click paths. With Dynatrace, your teams are able to:

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