Synthetic test

Performing a synthetic test is one way developers validate code and usage paths in applications and estimate required capacity before launching new websites and products. A synthetic test is a type of user experience test that utilizes testing agents to simulate user interaction with an application—helping companies detect bugs and performance issues in web sites and mobile apps. Synthetic testing may also be used to assure functionality after updating or making changes to applications or infrastructure.

A conventional synthetic test may be insufficient in many cases however, as modern web applications exist in complex distributed environments that often include third-party frameworks and services and virtual resources. This makes it difficult to test all of the components of a website using a traditional synthetic test or web test. To accurately measure all aspects of web and mobile performance then, IT professionals need web performance monitoring solutions capable of eliminating blind spots in the application delivery chain and providing continuous performance measurement from the end-user perspective.

Synthetic test

The Role of the Synthetic Test in Pre- and Post-Production Phases

Synthetic testing is most critical when entering new markets or bringing in new service delivery partners, and implementing a synthetic test at every stage of web application development is essential for tuning and optimizing websites and apps before going live. Synthetic test results can be used as a baseline for monitoring performance in production and to inform decision-making on performance improvement efforts and infrastructural investments.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring provides you with a powerful synthetic testing toolkit, so that your teams can:

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An Integrated Approach to the Synthetic Test: Continuous Performance Management

Ensuring optimum performance and availability and a superior user experience requires taking an integrated approach to application monitoring: proactively detecting performance problems via the synthetic test in development, collecting real user experience data in the wild, and continuously monitoring performance of the application and underlying infrastructure in production.

Combining sophisticated synthetic testing and diagnostic capabilities with real-time user experience evaluation software, Dynatrace’s web and mobile APM solutions extend your visibility across the entire application delivery chain—throughout the lifecycle of your applications. Our patented PurePath Technology® allows you to trace and track both synthetic and real transactions from the client-side device to your backend infrastructure while end user monitoring offers you the intelligence and analytics you need to manage the user experience and keep customers engaged.

Comprehensive dashboards makes it easy to compare key metrics across all channels.

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