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If Agile development can be seen as a means of quickly creating software that the market wants, Agile DevOps is a means of quickly creating software that performs well in production. DevOps monitoring is a key component of the DevOps approach to rapid application delivery. DevOps monitoring is provided by advanced, modern application performance monitoring (APM) technologies – like Dynatrace – that deliver application performance insight throughout the entire application lifecycle. Organizations that use Agile development tools and DevOps tools like Dynatrace DevOps monitoring are able to release new software products and services faster than their competitors while also ensuring the quality of each release.

DevOps in the Enterprise

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DevOps monitoring from Dynatrace: "shift left" for continuous performance engineering

Dynatrace APM delivers comprehensive performance monitoring and analysis for modern applications, across any technology platform or container including Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, AWS, Docker, and many more. Dynatrace supports DevOps monitoring by enabling software makers to define key application performance metrics and then implement automated quality checks against those metrics at each stage of the DevOps lifecycle.

Dynatrace’s support for end-to-end DevOps monitoring includes early application lifecycle checks such as:

By continuously checking on key architectural, timing, and resource utilization metrics, Dynatrace DevOps monitoring tools detect performance regressions and potential scalability issues early in the application lifecycle. Nipping potential operational problems in the bud, developers are able to fix performance issues while the relevant code is still fresh in their minds – a far more efficient and agile approach than the traditional way of not finding or fixing performance issues until they reveal themselves in production.

DevOps monitoring in production: accelerate RCA and MTTR

Shifting left with Dynatrace DevOps monitoring technology helps ensure that only high quality applications go to production. Still, monitoring of live applications is crucial, and here Dynatrace has you covered with end-to-end monitoring across the entire application delivery chain including data center, cloud, and third party service tiers. Dynatrace helps your Operations team detect production performance issues immediately – often before your customers notice – and then supports fast root cause analysis across all application tiers and even down to problematic lines of code. By capturing 100% of transactions 24/7, supporting deep-dive root cause analysis, and enabling easy sharing of contextual data among the Operations and Development groups, Dynatrace dramatically reduces mean-time-to-resolution.

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