Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery is an approach to software development whereby at all times during the development process the software is kept in such a state that it could be successfully released into production. Continuous delivery requires continuous integration, where developers are every day checking their code into a version-controlled repository, from which it is pulled by a build server that compiles the application and subjects it to automated tests to ensure that the application is working as expected. Continuous delivery goes beyond agile continuous integration by also ensuring that the application is tested in an environment that’s as similar as possible to the production environment; and by leveraging a high degree of deployment automation so that the application can be deployed on-demand when product managers want the latest version to go live.

Continuous delivery is a prerequisite of continuous deployment, in which application updates are actually released to live production very frequently – sometimes multiple times a day. Continuous deployment is utilized by many online businesses including market leaders like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

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Continuous delivery benefits

Continuous delivery provides substantial benefits to the software makers and IT service companies that practice it:

How Dynatrace supports continuous delivery of high-performing applications

Dynatrace is the leading provider of application performance monitoring (APM) solutions geared toward DevOps and continuous delivery environments. With Dynatrace continuous integration tools and continuous delivery tools you can implement automated quality gates throughout your delivery pipeline to ensure that each release not only functions as expected but also meets your goals for performance attributes like latency, throughput, and scalability.

With Dynatrace integrated into your continuous delivery pipeline:

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“Verizon saw vast improvement across its product lifecycle. The speed and quality of its deployments has increased greatly and its time to revenue realization has been reduced. Rather than deploying every month, Verizon now deploys every two weeks.”

- Anil Chintalapudi, Senior Technical Manager

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