Agile software development

Agile software development is a software engineering methodology in which application functionality is designed and built incrementally, in a series of brief, iterative development cycles. Agile software development has become a popular alternative to the traditional "waterfall" approach to building software, which is characterized by long and broad-scale development cycles during which much time is consumed by creating exhaustively detailed requirements and design documentation.

There are a variety of frameworks for implementing agile software development, of which Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) are the most widely adopted. But while they may vary in the particulars, all agile software development approaches have in common short, fast development cycles (typically no longer than a month); close collaboration with application stakeholders; early and continuous integration and testing of software; and the goal of producing usable, release-ready applications by the end of each development cycle.

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Agile software development benefits

Agile software development has many benefits, the most powerful of which are:

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How Dynatrace amplifies the benefits of agile software development

Dynatrace is the application performance monitoring (APM) solution tailored made for agile software development and DevOps. By integrating with all phases of your application delivery pipeline, Dynatrace amplifies the main benefits of the Agile method:

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