Agile modeling

Agile modeling is an approach to software modeling and documentation that is often adopted in the context of Agile software development. With the Agile method, software engineering takes the form of an ongoing series of short, iterative development cycles. The aim is to be highly responsive to evolving user preferences and business objectives.

Agile development and agile modeling arose in reaction to the traditional "waterfall" method of software development. The waterfall method emphasized the painstaking creation of exhaustively detailed requirement and design specifications before any coding took place. While the method did have certain benefits, waterfall too often resulted in software projects that were behind schedule, over-budget, and out of sync with fast-paced changes in user preferences and business needs.

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Agile modeling principles

For software makers that practice agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery, agile modeling is often the preferred approach to software specification documentation. Agile modeling aims to be:

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How Dynatrace APM supports agile development and agile modeling

Dynatrace is the application performance monitoring (APM) solution for DevOps organizations that practice agile continuous integration and delivery. Dynatrace helps agile organizations produce high quality software quickly by integrating performance-oriented quality checks into all the key components of the delivery pipeline – from developers’ desktop IDEs, to continuous integration tools and test tools, to deployment automation systems. Seamlessly integrated with these other common agile technologies, Dynatrace empowers organizations to detect and correct performance and scalability bottlenecks early in the development process, before they grow more severe and harder to fix.

While supporting agile development objectives generally, Dynatrace specifically supports agile modeling by:

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