Synthetic Website Monitoring

Users today have little patience for slow or dysfunctional websites, and companies have no choice but to continually monitor and manage the availability and performance of their online properties. Website performance directly affects traffic, conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation. Through synthetic website monitoring, or the implementation of synthetic transaction monitoring on websites, organizations can regularly check on the health of their web sites and applications and ensure that users are never left frustrated. Synthetic website monitoring allows you to proactively find and resolve performance or availability issues before end users are affected. And when employed in combination with real user monitoring, synthetic website monitoring offers you broad visibility into both the application delivery chain and the user experience.

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Using synthetic website monitoring to deliver a higher level of digital performance

Synthetic website monitoring is carried out through the use of synthetic testing or synthetic transaction monitoring tools. These tools let you simulate the interactions of real users with your website. Typically, you write or use a web-browser recorder to create scripts that define a set of user actions or paths through your web application. Your synthetic website monitoring tool will then run these scripts, or synthetic transactions, on your website at regular intervals to capture detailed object-level, page, connection, and host data including connect time, DNS time, first byte time, and content download time.

Synthetic website monitoring can even be used before launching your site to verify the functionality and stability of all application components and help your teams better understand how your site’s design, code, and third-party elements affect overall performance as well as specific critical transactions. After launch, you can then continue to leverage synthetic website monitoring as a proactive automated web application monitoring solution:

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Integrating real user monitoring with synthetic website monitoring for superior customer experience management

Dynatrace is a digital experience management platform that goes beyond traditional application monitoring tools, giving you the powerful capabilities you need to proactively manage and optimize the performance and availability of your websites, cloud applications, and mobile apps. Integrating real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring tools with user-behavior and application analytics, Dynatrace provides you with holistic visibility into your web sites and applications and helps you deliver an exceptional online customer experience.

Featuring the world’s largest dedicated global testing and monitoring network, Dynatrace’s synthetic monitoring solution lets you run tests on your applications from tens of thousands of locations around the world for the most comprehensive assessment of performance. And our real user monitoring solution captures complete transaction information for every user and every visit in real-time, giving you unprecedented visibility into your user community as a whole as well as individual user journeys.

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