Synthetic Transaction

A synthetic transaction is a pre-defined clickpath, or a set of pre-recorded and/or scripted multi-step interactions with an application. For synthetic testing or monitoring purposes, these transactions are deployed by external agents—typically through a browser—and run on an application to simulate the behavior of real users.

Synthetic transaction monitoring tools utilize a synthetic transaction to mimic a user’s journey through a web site, mobile app, or cloud application in order to collect data on application health, verify the performance of critical business transactions, and identify areas in need of improvement. With synthetic transaction monitoring, organizations are better able to ensure the functionality, availability, and performance of their web and mobile applications and avoid disappointing their users.

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Common use cases for synthetic transaction testing or monitoring

Through the use of synthetic website monitoring, or synthetic transaction testing on a website, IT professionals can see how individual objects load across multiple web pages—or in response to a series of simulated user interactions—as well as establish baselines for site performance. When employed through an automated web application monitoring solution, synthetic transaction monitoring lets website operators periodically check on the health of crucial web applications and receive alerts when performance falls below baseline levels.

Synthetic transaction monitoring is useful throughout the application development lifecycle. Before launching your website or introducing new features, you can test the functionality and performance of your site from the perspective of the end user, identifying and resolving problems before your real users—and your brand reputation—are negatively affected. Then, once you’ve gone live, you can use synthetic transaction testing to:

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