Synthetic Testing

Developers use synthetic testing to validate code and usage paths in web or cloud-based applications and detect bugs and other performance issues before launching a new site or service. Synthetic testing simulates the interactions of real users with a website through the deployment of pre-recorded behavioral scripts. Each script defines a synthetic transaction about which detailed performance data can be collected using synthetic transaction monitoring tools.

Synthetic testing or synthetic monitoring tools are essential for ensuring the functionality, availability, and stable performance of your website or cloud-based application. Today’s users are demanding. Why risk disappointing your customers when you can proactively monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of your digital applications?

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The advantages of synthetic testing and synthetic website monitoring

Synthetic testing lets your developers, operations team, and other business stakeholders test and assess the performance of your applications from the end user perspective and at every stage of the application lifecycle. By emulating the actions of your users, synthetic testing enables your teams to identify and fix critical application issues—from development to production.

Before launching your site or a site redesign or entering new markets, synthetic testing can be used to evaluate application performance and detect problematic components or configurations under normal conditions, under various load scenarios, or from different geographic locations or regions. Once you’ve gone live, synthetic website monitoring can help you:

Synthetic testing provides your IT teams, business stakeholders, and third party service providers with the objective performance measurements they need to find and eliminate weaknesses in your application or application delivery environment and improve the user experience and business value of your website or cloud service.

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Dynatrace: Powerful, proactive digital performance management

Whether you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use synthetic testing tool or a comprehensive automated web application monitoring solution, Dynatrace has you covered. Offering both synthetic and real user monitoring capabilities, the Dynatrace digital performance management platform supports the widest range of web and mobile app technologies and features the industry’s largest dedicated global testing network. Choose from thousands of locations around the world to gain a global perspective on your web application’s performance and end user experience.

Powered by our groundbreaking application analytics engine, Dynatrace synthetic monitoring supplies your teams with actionable answers to their performance concerns. Dynatrace analyzes hundreds of test executions in seconds. So when outages or issues arise, Dynatrace quickly gives you the diagnostic information you need to drill down to the root cause of problems and implement fast, effective, proactive incident management.

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