Synthetic monitoring

Synthetic monitoring generates and analyzes realistic traffic on web applications in order to gauge the health of those applications. Whether for pre-launch cloud load testing or to help ensure the availability and performance of live services, synthetic monitoring is valuable throughout the application delivery lifecycle.

By employing geographically-distributed agents on real PCs to emulate the actions of real end users, synthetic monitoring allows your organization to test your live applications from various backbone nodes and mobile carrier networks and to detect and resolve performance issues before your users experience them. Delivering a superior end user experience to every customer, no matter when or from where they access your brand, is crucial to the success of your digital channels. Synthetic monitoring lets you benchmark, test, and optimize your web and mobile applications from end to end, giving you confidence that your customers won’t be disappointed.

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synthetic monitoring

Maximizing the value of your digital investments with synthetic monitoring

Synthetic monitoring, a critical component of application performance management, bridges the gap between pre-production testing and real user monitoring. Before going live, synthetic monitoring can be employed to proactively verify the reliability and availability of your applications and to establish baseline performance levels. Then, once you’ve gone live, synthetic monitoring can be used to regularly run automated tests on your sites and applications, alerting your teams when performance dips below acceptable levels. This type of monitoring enables your organization to:

Dynatrace synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring for web and cloud applications

Integrating powerful synthetic and real user monitoring with true end to end application monitoring, the Dynatrace digital performance monitoring platform offers your teams the capabilities and tools they need to optimize the performance of your websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, and cloud applications:

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