Synthetic monitoring tools

Synthetic monitoring tools allow you to proactively monitor and improve the performance of your websites, mobile apps, streaming applications, and cloud-based applications. Utilizing pre-recorded scripts and real or emulated browsers to simulate user interactions with your application, synthetic monitoring tools let you run periodic tests on your website or web application to capture detailed metrics on the performance and availability of synthetic transactions. Through synthetic transaction monitoring, you can verify the performance of business-critical transactions from outside your data center and across geographic locations and identify and resolve problems before your users are affected. Synthetic transaction monitoring tools enable a proactive approach to web performance management. They can help you predict how your site will perform in a certain geographic region or on a mobile network, test various external and internal components involved in your web application’s delivery including third-party services, and ensure that your users enjoy a glitch-free online experience.

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The benefits and limitations of synthetic monitoring tools

Synthetic testing tools are useful throughout the application development lifecycle. In preproduction environments, synthetic monitoring tools can be used to verify the functionality and performance of your application and pinpoint areas in need of improvement or optimization—down to the object level. Then in production, synthetic website monitoring can be used to:

Synthetic monitoring tools provide you with stable, predictable, granular performance measurements and detailed reports—essential for supporting effective communication and cooperation among your business and IT teams and third-party service providers.

A crucial component of any automated web application monitoring solution, synthetic monitoring tools are limited, however, when it comes to monitoring the performance of large sites or complex web applications which are constantly in flux. Synthetic monitoring tools are also insufficient for examining all of the unpredictable variables affecting the user experience in the wild. In order to gain a more holistic view of website performance and truly understand the real user experience, Dynatrace recommends using a combination of real user and synthetic monitoring.

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Dynatrace: Integrating real user and synthetic monitoring tools for comprehensive digital performance management

Over the years, Dynatrace has continued to explore and redefine what is application performance monitoring in the age of the internet and mobile connectivity, and we’ve developed a comprehensive digital performance management platform that integrates powerful real user and synthetic monitoring tools with deep-dive application, network, and infrastructure monitoring capabilities. Dynatrace supplies you with an end-to-end view of the application delivery chain for each and every user interaction or synthetic transaction—from your backend databases, to the user’s browser or mobile device, and across third-party components and services—for websites, mobile apps, and cloud-based applications.

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